Internet search for (inserting) images?

What remedial mistake am I making here: why won’t Prezi Next search the internet for images to insert like Classic did? The only results I get are stock ones. I’m not running any ad blocker stuff. Thoughts? Many thanks

@David_Roberts Please know that the image search function in Prezi Next only includes a selected collection of stock images. Any other photos or graphics have to be added from an external source I’m afraid.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I feared that that was the case. I am sure that you have a good reason for doing this, but this is a significant and obvious backward step. This makes inserting specific images vastly more time consuming [finding them in another browser page, saving them, returning to prezi and uploading them] compared to the original Prezi.

Also relying on stock images homogenizes all Prezis and makes them look like cliched pastiches. This really is a grim move.

Please could I request that, in future updates, this error is rectified?