iOS Prezi missing files


I just downloaded and reinstalled the Prezi iOS app but after logging on, not all of my files are displayed. I there a reason for this?


@Frank_Gould Could you tell me how many presentations you see after logging into the Prezi Viewer app and maybe send a screenshot of the dashboard? Thanks in advance.


Agnes, Thanks for your response. It appears there are four presentations in my iPad app and six presentations in the Prezi web app. I’ve attached one composite screenshot, one shot from each app. I could only submit one attachment, since I’m “new.” Only two are common presentations between the two apps.


Hello, Frank. It appears that what you see on the desktop app and on the iPad app is different because the two apps are connected to two different accounts of yours. I hope it helps!


Hello Lana,

Thanks for the response. Could you tell me how to merge the two accounts into one account? Either email accounts, if they’re different, will work. If they’re the same email address, could you merge the two as well?

Thanks in advance.


I’m now missing three presentations in my account. Will those be restored in my account?


Please see a post about merging accounts here. Also, please note the same email address cannot be used on two different Prezi accounts.

Could you please let us know which presentations you are missing?


I’m kind of confused by this Classic and New UIX. I see now that I created two accounts and there are some files the same between them. Now, when I logon with, it takes me to the New Prezi UI and my files are not there. When I change to Classic Prezi UI, my files are there. So, it appears I need to spend some time migrating my presentations to a single New account. I assume there’s documentation to migrate from Classic to New. Thank you for your time.


Please know that Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are built on two different platforms, and at the moment migration between them is not possible as it is discussed here.

You could still move all the Prezi Classic and all the Prezi Next presentations from one account to another.


Thanks Lana, Sounds like a good plan. I appreciate your help. :trophy: