IP address and Port No. for prezi.com

Hi as per my company’s policy if i need to allow www.prezi.com in my company’s network, i will be  needing the I.P. address and Port No. information for it. Can you please let me know the same.


I discourage to filter on IP adresses. We use a loadbalancer, so the server serves your request can change time to time. 
The communication goes through port 80 and 443.

Happy zooming.

Vilmos thanks for your update. But in order to access the PREZI URL within my company’s network it is mandatory to have the IP address of the URL. So request you if you can provide the same. And also can you please confirm should we use Port 80 or Port 443.

Hi Subir,

I’m afraid I have to go into technical details a little bit. I can not provide you a list because the Prezi editor is loading resources from different services (for example, Akamai’s content distribution network and Amazon Web Services). It would be complex to define rules for this and the configurations are constantly changing.
We both use port 80 and 443 for http and https traffic.

Hello Vilmos

Thanks for your update. I checked with my IT team in Accenture, until and unless an IP address is provided, we will not able to run Prezi in our company’s network. If you can help on the same it would be great or else we will not be work on Prezi within our company’s network.

I apologize for the inconveniences, but we really need to use these third party services, and unfortunately they not providing these information, so we can not do it either.