Ipad screen turns white with Prezi Viewer

My iPad 4 shows all my prezis, all of which look fine on desktop and present fine, but when using the viewer app, I start a program, it almost loads and then dissolves to a white/grey screen and won’t advance or show anything, just stays on that screen. Running OS 10.3.3

Hey @James_David, welcome to the community :wave: I’m afraid that OS 10.3.3 doesn’t meet our system requirements. For iOS 10.11 or newer version is needed.

Thanks Kata–when did this happen? I’ve been using this for years and it only started a few days ago–I thought the 10.11 was for Prezi Next? Isn’t there a need for a legacy app for the older programs created in Classic?

Hello @James_David, we tested it on our end using an iPad and it was working fine. For now, I would recommend you to delete the app from your iPad and then to install it again. We believe deleting and then installing the app could solve the issue, but please let me know it didn’t.

Thanks again Kata–I’ve deleted and tried to re-install numerous times to same results. Makes no difference if it is a classic prezi or Next, I get the same results with the white screen–other thoughts?

Hi @James_David, thank you for the feedback. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. We forwarded this feedback to our developers. I will get back to you as soon as I have any updates. Have a nice day :wave:

My Prezi Viewer on the Ipad works until I select a prezi to view then it loads it and immediately fades the screen to white! White-out!
The same prezi loads and works on my desk-top and my iphone… am I doing something wrong?

Hello @Jeremy_White, could you please send us a screenshot of the issue? And the view link of the presentation? Please, also send us the system specifications of your iPad so we can investigate it :slight_smile:

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Starts at first screen as normal (prezi ipad issue 1)
Then as I select the top right icon (or any other) it looks like it is loading and then it faeds to a blank white screen in 1/2 second… (prezi ipad issue 2)
my ipad spec is the third picture (ipad spec)
I also have a video which shows it better but can’t upload that!


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pic 2

Hello @Jeremy_White, can you please send the system specifications again? Looks like the third image did not get uploaded. Also I would suggest reinstalling the application first, to see if that solves the issue. In case the problem persists please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Hello, Was a fix found for this problem? I’m having the same issue.

Hi @Todd_Rettkowski, could you please share with us your system specifications?
Also, please let us know which browser are you using.

We advise checking your presentation in a different browser (preferably in Chrome) and in incognito mode.

See attached screenshot. After I click on presentation, the screen goes white. I’m using the Prezi Viewer app for the Ipad. My system specifications is IOS 10.3.3. I noticed you mentioned in a previous response that the app doesn’t supports 10.3.3, however my presentations were working fine a few weeks ago and have always worked fine prior. IMG_5006

also I have re-installed app several times with no luck. :frowning_face:

Hi @Todd_Rettkowski, we tested your pre presentation on an iPad (12.4) and it was working like a charm. We believe the OS is causing the white screen. Could you try and update your OS?

My OS is updated and as I mentioned this problem just started occurring. Was there a recent change with Prezi involving operating systems? It has worked fine for years.

Hi @Todd_Rettkowski, we reported the issue to our developers and will let you know once we have further information. Thank you for your patience :pray:

Same problem here! It is so embarrassing and inconvenient that I relied on prezi on the iPad for work and I went into an appointment very unprepared without my presentation. A heads up would have been nice, I am so disappointed in this glitch. Has it been fixed yet?

Hi @Jasmin_Elalfy, we didn’t see any white screen problems lately. Could you please share with us your system specifications ?
Also, please let us know which browser are you using.

We advise checking your presentation in a different browser (preferably in Chrome) and in incognito mode.