Is Edu Plus billed in one single payment?


I am a student and I am using the free 14 days of Prezi Edu, but I wanted to know if the value of the subscription in the amount of 60 dollars will be divided in 12 times of 5 dollars or charged in a single installment?


@Jucelia_Silva the Edu Plus license is only available in a yearly subscription format, so it is billed in one payment.


I canceled my Student subscription on Prezi and want to know if it is possible to reverse the process and reactivate it with the same price of USD60 on my credit card, since it is still within the 14 day period. Or do I have to create a new account with the same student email address?


Once your free trial is over, you can just go ahead and renew the subscription - a pop up window will offer you to do so. Should you run into any issues, please feel free to drop us a message here and we’ll help!