Is it possible to add perspective to shapes, images and text?

Hello everyone!

I was making my Prezi the other day and, since the background that I chose was a photo of a hallway with a lot of perspective, I though of putting the text in line with it. I know that the text boxes can be rotated, but I was just wondering if there is a trick to apply perspective to them (and to images and shapes as well), kind of like on Photoshop. Any help on this topic would be really appreciated.

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Hi @Silvio_Fuentes, I’m afraid this is currently not possible in Prezi Next but we like the idea and will forward the request to the development team!

Until that, as a possible workaround, I can recommend you to put each letter in a separate textbox and try to recreate a similar effect by resizing/rotating them.


@Silvio_Fuentes neat idea!

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Hello @Agnes, Thank you very much for your reply. I’m glad you guys liked the idea. It would be very cool to have that function available in the near future.

I appreciate the recommendation. That might work for now. I will definitely take it into account. :slight_smile: