Is it possible to change the order of the content?

I’ve made a Prezi using one of the template but, when presenting and clicking on the arrows below screen, it zooms to subjects out of the order I indended the presentation to progress. Is it possible to change this order/path/sequence, now?

Note that I’m not referring to the Topics/subtopics order.

Based on your description, it seems that you should reorder the structure of your subtopics to reach the desired sequence. This topic in our Tips and Tricks category might be helpful to you

In case this is not what you need, could you please share the link to your presentation and share some screenshots or a screencast where you experience the not correct order?

I am unable to transition from a subtopic to a text box on the overview. My presentation is comprised of a combination of images, text boxes, topics and subtopics. I’m currently stuck trying to transition from a subtopic to a text box. When I add 'Zoom to" to the text box, it transitions from the topic box directly to the text box and skips all the suptopics contained in the topic box.

So the order should be as follows: Text box -> image box -> Topic -> Subtopic -> text box -> topic box -> subtopics.

When I create another topic box, it then connects automatically from the fist to the second, bypassing all the other content.

Hello @Michelle_Garcia1, I would suggest making sure the animation is in the correct place by opening the Animations bar and double checking if the Zoom to animation you mentioned comes after the right topic. Please note that Prezi currently automatically zooms into the subtopics one after the other, and it is not possible to zoom back out to the overview between them. If you have any other questions or need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.