Is it possible to configure different times for the autoplay?

Please inform if there is a
possibility that the slides change with different speed in autoplay mode.

We want the presentation to run
continuously, but the texts (about 5 slides) with 10 seconds, and the rest with
4 seconds.


Thank you for your kind reply in


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Hi Sara,

You can set up autoplay for 4, 10 and 20 seconds as pattern for the entire prezi.
But, unfortunately, to configure different times for the autplay is not yet supported by prezi.

For more information please go to:

When do you plan to implement such a feature. It should be fairly easy to expand the fade-in effect and add a time parameter for the autoplay. I have the same problem as the previous user: I would like to use different times for different transitions. I have found tricks like blank mp3 files in other forums, but I have noticed that this is an issue that Prezi has dragged for the last 3 years. So, again, do you plan to improve this issue? It looks pretty important to me if you want to keep on competing agains Powerpoint. Thanks.

Hi Pablo,

We really appreciate our user’s feedback.

We are constantly improving and changing our tool and our knowledge base, and this is really helpful, I will add you this request to our list of requests. 

Unfortunately, I can’t promise anything for the moment.
We also have some workaround from our community users, they work though is not supported by us

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I haven’t tried it yet, but if you stacked, for instance several 4 second intervals, you might be able to have selected slides be shown at different perceived speeds.

I am with all other users - we NEED to have manual interval setting options for each slide - not only would this expand the use of Prezi presentations it would make PREZI just about PERFECT.  Thank you!!!  JHP

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Hey ! 

I agree with Sara, I finished the whole presentation and realised that different slides need suitable time gaps to ensure that the viewer can read / see the pictures as per their comfort. 4 seconds is too short for a text slide and 10 seconds is too long for a picture. It is very inconvenient to present this way. At least allow the users to choose the time between transition by giving 2 options… 4sec and 10sec. This way we will be able to use the features optimally.

Hope to see it this feature before my subscription expires :slight_smile: