Is it possible to create a website entirely out of prezi?


Hi, my Name is Tim and i´m a german Student and I need to create a Website for a projekt.
So i was searching the web for suitable programs and so i found prezi.
Well its obviously for presentations, hence my question if it is possible to create a entire Website out of prezi.
Best regards to you all, and thank you for your help in advance!


Hi, @Tim_Fassbender. In order for us to be able to assist you better, could you please let us know what exactly you would like to achieve? Maybe you have an example?


Hi Lana, I know that I can implement Prezi onto my Website, but my goal is
to have a Website completey out of prezi, just like when I create a
presentation. My vistiors should be able to see it just like when you
present a presentation made out of prezi.
Is this possible?


I believe what you could do is make a website with one page which is an embedded Prezi presentation.