Is it possible to embed a video (flv, mov) with alpha channel (transparency) into a Prezi frame?

I would like to embed videos that don’t look like rectangles into my frames by building the videos in After Effects using the alpha channel to create transparency on the background. I can render FLV files from AE, but Prezi imports them with solid black backgrounds instead of transparency. Is this possible within Prezi?


transparent video in Prezi is not supported - however you may be able to import it in to the current version of the desktop version (Prezi for Windows / Mac) and upload it - see here

Please remember this is not supported by Prezi and I cannot be sure this will work for you, or how long this may work for I’m afraid.



Thank you.  The desktop version seems to handle transparency just fine, using FLV format.

I would like to request that the desktop version’s ability to use transparent video be considered for support, as it is quite valuable in raising the production value of a presentation.  Thank you.