Is it possible to enlarge the logo?

I want to use prezi for a presentation at my university, but i have to follow some guidelines, which isnt that simple with prezi. They say, that the title of the presentation, my name and the date have to be visible all the time.

So my thought was to put this information into the logo on the bottom left.
But unfortunately it happens to be to small to read.

So is there any way to enlarge the logo or has anyone an idea to add permanent-visible information to the presentation? :slight_smile:

Dear Marv,

You cannot adjust the size of the logo directly in the prezi.

There is two workaround for this:

  1. Cut down the blank edges of the logo. It will appear with the same size, but if you use in a more efficient way that, it can help you.

  2. If you have strict rules for the size, I would set-up a frame with these information and logo and duplicate them as many time as I need.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz