Is it possible to fade out frames?

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to fade frames. For instance, if the entire presentation was zoomed out, let’s say one area of the prezi was labelled “Subject 1”. Then during the presentation, when the “Subject 1” slide comes, the words “Subject 1” would be faded out and detail about “Subject 1” would be seen. It’s like if the detailed slide was hidden under the subject slide. I was wondering if this is possible, and if so, how?


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. But I will of course put your idea into our track suggestions. Our team is coming up with new feature and products for our users. Please take a look at this link to see the latest features Prezi has to offer

Happy zooming,

Fading would be an incredibly useful tool for presentations. This is an advantage Powerpoint has over Prezi unfortunately :frowning: As soon as Prezi has some sort of fading overlay implementation I will ditch Powerpoint for good :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this question was asked before or after the new fade feature was added but the topic is exactly what I wanted to ask so I am continuing the thread. I love the fade in feature however one small annoyance is that the first faded in object doesn’t appear when the slide begins but rather after the next step forward. For a normal slide this is fine since you can simply leave an item out of the fade to have it present when the slide starts however in my case I am displaying a large area with the border items hidden, then zooming to the first section and unhiding the items, then zoom out and that item is present, then zoom into next item revealing it as you zoom. The way fade is implemented now my presentation zooms into the area empty and I have to click next to fade it in. As long as I press next twice that works but if I press once I am facing an empty slide which looks a little strange.

My flow is

  1. Display circle frame with list of items to be addressed
  2. zoom out and reveal details of item 1
    (note: this takes two steps, press next zooms out with area emtpy press next again to reveal)
  3. zoom into detail and present
  4. zoom out revealing item 2 as we zoom out
    (note: again, this takes two steps, press next zooms out with item 2 not yet revelaed, press next reveals item 2
    5)…continue steps for each list item. Having to press next twice each time we zoom out to reveal the next item.

I would really really love to be able to have the fade transition between “slides”.

Moving or zooming constantly can be annoying at times (and dizzy-making especially in long presentations). Don’t get me wrong, I really love using the moving around and zooming. But only when this adds to the clarity of the presentation / message.

But, sometimes it happens that zooming or moving doesn’t add to the clarity (it can even be confusing). For those times I’d love to be able to ‘refresh’ the content of the screen without a visible motion. Sometimes you just want to explain several things at one ‘position’ in your Prezi workspace, just because it belongs to that position too.

In december 2013 I have to present my PhD, and I would love to use Prezi for that. I love how you can provide the audience an overview of your work, and guide them through your story. But… that presentation is 40 min long, and constantly moving around will confuse my audience.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Prezi, give us the fade transition between frames!
I will love you guys forever… even more than I already do.

If Prezi would have this feature, it would be the best presentation tool in the world: Then for each message you want to deliver to your audience, you could select the most appropriate way to do so.
Then users wouldn’t have to choose between powerpoint and prezi anymore. For my PhD presentation, i’m now stuck with powerpoint, because prezi does not have the fade transition between frames…

I agree with kolinacer: I would ditch powerpoint if prezi had this option…

What i do now, is:
Where I need severeal ‘slides’ in one prezi location:

  1. I open powerpoint and make those slides
  2. I present it full screen in powerpoint and record it as a video
  3. I enter that video into prezi

I mean, this is crazy…

Hello Inge De Wandele,

for now, have you thought about using the fade in feature as a workaround? - you could have whole images or text parts come in and cover the last scene as a workaround - example…

You can also bring in animations as well - unfortunately you cannot change the transition speed but its workable?



Hi John,

Thanks for your very fast reply. I’m going to give this a try!

This might be an okay workaround. I guess I could make a white square appear to cover my old content, and then fade in the new content.


Yes exactly, let me know how it goes if you get a chance



I’ll let you know! I think it will definitely work for a slide or 2 - 3, so thank you very much for this workaround (maybe it would be more difficult for multiple slides though). I’ll pass on your answer to some other people in this forum, because there are more threads regarding this same question.

By any chance, do you know whether they would consider making it possible to open a powerpoint file within Prezi, and play it there?

I mean, you can import video’s and play them at one fixed location in your presentation. This is quite a powerful feature. Playing a powerpoint file at one location would solve the problem completely.

That would cause Prezi to be not just a ‘powerpoint competitor’, but a powerful overarching presentation tool.

But maybe that is quite impossible?
I just like Prezi a lot, and would love to use it for all of my presentations. Right now, there are some turorials for embedding Prezi within powerpoint. But the other way around makes more sense to me.

Prezi has so many advanced and great features I don’t even need a fade tool!

The fade-in animation is a great tool to use over a picture to bring attention to certain aspects. It would be helpful if there was a fade-out animation that could get rid of that text/line/etc. instead of having to pan over to another instance of the same picture in order for it not to be cluttered with topics.

This would add an extra dimension to presentations, rather than just zooming to a new ‘slide’ the fading in/out could add a somewhat animation feel to the individual slides.

In PP you can make text appear and then disappear, can you do this in Prezi or is it something for the future?

If I’m doing a complex presentation, I don’t want to see everything when zoomed out.  I also don’t want to hide via scale as it makes some viewers seasick and more importantly the viewers lose the visual link to the main topic that the details are supporting.

I like the fade in option and just need to it occur upon zoom in.  Manual or not.  More importantly I need these options to fade out when the presentation moves back to a high level (zoom out).  This helps keep the focus on the high level topics when needed.

It’s so difficult to implement the fade out ??

LOL, requested 4 YEARS AGO and they reply that they can not promise anything for the time being.   Yea, I think we get that !   Vera, why bother replying ?


Sorry but it is not enough just to receive the requests (many like you said).

Are you telling me that Prezi’s developers do not have the skills to create a fade out ? Or you have to pay royalties to Powerpoint ? Or what ? Please give me an honest answer.

How dou you expect me to recommend Prezi when Users are being ignored ?



Well my need for a Prezi fade out faded away 3 years ago after my senior design project was complete. Prezi is a neat idea but just isn’t robust enough to takeover PowerPoint.
It’s just too little WAY too late :frowning:

I agree… this would be very useful. The nice thing about Prezi is being able to navigate a subject then zoom in to localised areas to see more detail. But when you zoom back out it would be great if the localised detail could also fade away leaving an uncluttered overview. Please make it happen : )