is it possible to have an object that stays on screen the whole time?

hello everyone,

my idea is to make a prezi with a spaceship that travels to different planets. these planets will be the different frames. what i need now is a possibility to have an object, that stays on screen the whole time (the spaceship).

can someone help me out with that, please?

thank you istvan,

i’ll try this and reply in the comments.

worked like a charm! unfortunately the designer doesn’t want the design elements to be published online, so i can’t show you the final product. but with this method it was fairly easy!

I have the opposite problem. A textbox duplicated and is now mounted in the canvas. 

It wont go away and is running in every page view or screen. Its a trail/ dont know anything. 

Can I cut the entire frame loose from the canvas and copy paste it to a fresh canvas?