Is it possible to hide title and name when embedding?

Are we able to hide the creator name and Prezi title when we embed?

We have an educational teams account. I have created a hidden Prezi that is meant to be used only one one specific web page. The page introduces and describes the Prezi.

I don’t want my account name or a title to show - it doesn’t fit the desired aesthetic, and the information is redundant due to info already on the page.

Your help is appreciated, thanks.

I’d vote for this one. Or at least change the title font to something less decorative and remove the by-line. I have my Prezi embedded nearly full size of the window and its the only thing on the page besides the header and menu. The title makes the page look comical (think Comic Sans).

Even better, allow a true auto-play option with auto-start and let users skip the “You just clicked but now we need you to click again” page altogether.

I agree - I’ve got a prezi on our public website and the title/author detracts from the appearance. It should be more discrete or preferably hidden.

preferably hidden :) 

This is the one thing I really need for Prezi to become our go-to for embedding trainings on our company pages (and to get a premium account for doing so). Right now it’s really hard to sell my higher-ups on it with my name appearing on the demos and knowing that can’t be removed.