Is it possible to save the presentation on a usb storage?

Upload presentation. I need to present my presentation for an exam. The problem is that they want in advance my presentation on a usb storage or cd. Is it possible to do it? How can send my presentation?

Helo Fade,
you can dowload it as “Portable” presentation and save it on USB Pendrive.
You will have “ZIP” file. All you have to do is to unpack it and run exe file.


  1. “Download” button
  2.  “Presenting” (it’s portable version)
  3.  “Download” button again
  4.  Un-zip it.

The “zip” file will have lots of MB. If you want to send it via internet, you can use

Important : you have to un-zip presentation, before run it.

I hope it will help.



Thank you very much , I’ll try it.

I have downloaded it as you told me, I had unzipped it, but when I try to run the exe file, a warning box appears telling me that is not supported… :((
What’s the matter?

If you have Mac computer, you have to open PreziForMac.tar. 

Exe is for Windows only.