Is it possible to start with a zoom area animation?


It looks like that Prezi next always start with the overview. I want to keep the overview as an surprise. So I want to start with an area on my illustration. I directly start with a zoom area animation. But still the Prezi starts with the overview.

Seconde question:
I use a PDF for my vector image. When I zoom in to an area. The picture looks in the beginning like a very low pixel image and after a moment it get sharp. That’s very ugly. I already try aan PNG or GIF but the PDF looks the only one that’s vector based.

Please help or is this not supported in Prezi Next and it’s better to use Prezi Classic for this kind of Prezi?


@Ruben_Olislagers - I do exactly the same thing - I ALWAYS start in a “zoomed in” position first - and once I have made a powerful opening statement I then zoom out to the “big picture” - but even here I DO NOT want everything revealed - my keynotes unfold as stories and I only want the story to be revealed as I progress - otherwise it’s like the cinema starting off with the opening credits giving away the entire plot line … the audience might as well go home at that point as there is zero element of surprise.

It seem as if the Prezi product managers have come to the conclusion that the ONLY kind of presentation that people give is one where they stand up and say “today I’m going to talk about these things” - that might work for [some] corporate environments - but its the very reason why the phrase “death by powerpoint” came about - it’s BORING!

My only advice to you would be to immediately zoom into an animation area on your first click - and treat this as your “first screen” by only plugging the computer into the projector when it’s at this point - not letting anyone ever see the overview - and then zoom BACK out to the overview when you are ready.

My personal solution is to use Prezi Classic - I simply cannot get on with Next until the product managers give us back the control that we had in classic - we are not the idiots they obviously seem to think we are as we did not need to be “taught” how to make presentations by following their ridiculous new way - and ONLY their way.


@Andrew_Vorster, I agree.Opening a presentation with a title slide that zooms out to the bigger picture is an effective way to kick it off. Prezi Next just isn’t designed to operate that way. It’s more interactive I’d stick to Prezi Classic for conference-style presentation. Your workaround is a good one for those who feel forced to use Prezi Next.


@Andrew_Vorster I really like your suggestion on how to create a Next presentation that starts small & zooms out for a bigger reveal. I’ve done this as well in my Classic work but hadn’t tried to recreate in Next. So thanks for the prompt & I may now give it a try! (As a side-note, you can hide/reveal your large topics as the presentation progresses, they don’t have to all be out there at once. I fade in/out at the Overview level as well, and it’s been successful, though I find it does affect the conversational availability aspect.)


Yes indeed I also started hiding the main topics and fading them in, that helps, but still I need to be able to start the presentation with a zoom area and not the overview, add it to the list Prezi!


You can now set a custom starting point for your prezi. This gives you the ability to do a zoom reveal. You can see an example in my blog article: