Is it possible to upload a .pez file to my account


Hi there
A client has sent me a .pez file, created by a design agency a couple of years ago
Is there a way to upload this to my account so that I can edit and share it with them?


You can open a .pez file if you have the Prezi Classic desktop application installed. It is possible though that you won’t be able to import the file if you don’t have the respective editing rights from the owner of the presentation.


I’m using Prezi Next

And am trying to upload the physical .pez files


Am I missing the all important upload button on a menu somewhere??


Hi @Liz_Wheatley the client sent you the file made few years back. That means surely it was made in prezi Classic. If you are using prezi Next that may not be able to upload this since they are from different platform. Hope that helps.



@Liz_Wheatley, @Prezi_Video is right, Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are different platforms built on different technologies, so importing Classic .pez files is not possible in the Prezi Next desktop application, I’m afraid.


Thanks both, so how might I change to Classic?


If you created your account after the release of Prezi Next, you won’t be able to create new Prezi Classic presentations. If someone shared a presentation with you, you would be able to edit and collaborate on that particular Classic presentation.

If your client could add you as a collaborator to that presentation, then you will be able to edit it.


This person no longer holds a prezi license and saved off the .pez files before closing the account so can no longer access the online version or share privileges


In that case it will not be possible to work with the original presentation, I’m afraid.


So is this is due to a complete update of the Prezi platform? And Classic is the old version of Prezi?


Exactly, that’s the case.