Is it still possible to join Prezi Classic as a new user?

Is there really no way to do this on the EDU accounts? I have 16 students on Classic and one stuck on Next and I’m not really liking this.

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This is awful. You need to keep the drop down to toggle between classic and Next, for new accounts. Without this I’m losing support and functionality for my students. Not to mention My district requires internet explorer, which is NOT supported by Prezi Next. If this is not fixed I’m advocating for my district and colleagues to drop their subscriptions.

Well, that really drives the nail into the coffin. Years as a paying subscriber, hundreds of slides done and shared with students, and now the loyalty of the customers is thus repaid.
That one cannot even migrate the presentations to Prezi Next, but is supposed to rebuild them from scratch is insane.
Prezi is totally shooting itself in the foot. Let’s be clear, this is not adding a new layer of service. This is forcing the customers to replace it by a new service with all the time and cost it involves.
I, for one, will now start migrating to tools that do not hold its customers hostage like this. 

Hi, Ágnes!
You can subscribe, then navigate to, search for reusable prezis (check “Show reusable prezis only”), open one of the search results, click “Make a copy”, then go back to your dashboard. Now you should see the drop down small arrow to toggle between Next and Classic. Select Classic and you will be taken to your Prezi Classic dashboard. Here you can only edit a prezi which you have copied from the “Explore” section; there’s no “New presentation” button, nor even any way to make a copy of a prezi that you already have in your dashboard. So, anytime you need to create a new presentation, you must go to and fetch one from there.
You have another completely new chance…
You can download the “Prezi Classic” application, even if you have a free account, by clicking the “Download Prezi Classic” button in the bottom left corner of the dashboard. If you go to the license page in your account (Account Settings -> Licences), you will see that your licence is indeed called “Pro Minus”, which is something more than the previous Prezi Classic free licence.
As an additional evidence of this, in Prezi Classic you now have two abilities which were reserved to Pro Licence: “Download as PDF” and “Download as portable prezi”, which are very useful.
All this applies to new users.
Hope this helps.

There’s no “Create new Prezi” indeed. To create a new prezi, you need to find a prezi by means of a research in the “Explore” section (, make a copy of it, then launch the application, wait for it to synchronize the dashboard, click the prezi just added to edit it and then remove all its content to start from a blank canvas. Just a bit jumbled, but still effective…

I have the same problem, 25 students might use Prezi for exam in a few weeks and it have been totally changed.

This is awful.  Classic is way better than Next.  It is much more user friendly (zooming, rotating, embedding).  My lessons for 8th graders, created around using Prezi classic, are no longer usable (each new class needs to create new accounts and they can’t access Classic).  The difficulty in the use of Next (i.e. the lack of a blank template) makes it a tool that most middle school aged students would not be able to operate.  Time to find something else.  Bye Prezi!

Thank you for your reply, Vera.

My point is simple: your decision to not have a presentation migration tool between Next and Classic and to not allow new Classic accounts strongly suggests the latter will sooner, rather than later, be discontinued (sure, after some grace period of 12 months or so, but the point remains). I suspect that you can’t guarantee me otherwise, but you’re very welcome to.

I have nor the will nor the time to recreate hundreds (and i do mean hundresds) of slides in Next running the risk of having to go through this again in 5 years. So, as I’m sure you’ll understand, i’ll opt for something more stable such as LaTeX. Note that this whole issue would be moot if an import tool existed. Simple as that.

Whilst this is something to be expected if i was dealing with a free platform, it is a whole lot more jarring after i have paid Prezi quite a lot of money.


Hi Vera,

Thanks for your reply and information.

The problem is that my students don’t know at this moment  IF they get Prezi as on of seven options for tools/task on exam day. If they will be allowed to use Prezi they have to create a new, anonymous account the same day. Is it correct that they in late May have to use the new Next version? In that case they have to make a new account already now to learn new features in the Next. I encourage them to use a blank template, have this been removed from the new version? I cant find it. 

Thanks for help, hope you understand the problem :slight_smile:

With regards,

This is disappointing, considering Prezi Next is incapable of support background music independent of video, something classic was able to do.

Same with me - I’ve used Prezi classic for several years and suddenly all I can get my students on is the Prezi Next - which is HORRIBLE for students. Not user friendly at all, and apparently no tech support??

What does “not available to no signups anymore” mean?? I am SO frustrated right now - a tool I’ve been using for many years is suddenly changed, mid school-year??!!?

I suspect Prezi will be receiving a lot of negative press and losing many users as a result of Prezi Classic no longer being available. The Prezi Next option is NOT user friendly for my 6th graders, so I will be looking for a new presentation platform.

I am beyond disappointed. I’ve been using Prezi for YEARS and it was great because it supported SWF files that looked sharp. Now you are stuck with limited fonts, and horribly pixelated images. Such a bad move as a company. Lots of people will stop using it because it is no longer a reliable service besides the presentations on Next just do not look good. Some people don’t like templates, you know…

I fully understand how Prezi Next works, I’ve watched the videos, played around, it isn’t rocket science, really. But why isn’t there a blank template? why doesn’t it support SWF files? Why does it CONSISTENTLY lower the quality of imported images? The new logic is good but it’s pointless since it looks bad. Even graphic elements from within Prezi (shapes, icons…) look pixelated and blurry.

Hi Vera, 

I truly appreciate your intent to appease, but more helpful would be to actually answer the 3 questions above, please.

Sure…agreed with this. I’m a new user of prezi and intended to subscribe prezi classic. I signed up and paid for prezi next edu which i found that the quality suck and not as good as classic. I tried a few and hold only for few hours before i unsubscried and request for payment return. It is not worth to buy crezi next. Please do something. I rate 3 out of 10 for prezi next!

I totally agree. I am having a total crisis realizing that Prezi Classic  is no longer available and my students aren’t liking Prezi Next, nor can they use music in presentations. This is a total loss as a teacher in my opinion. Please FIX this!