Is Prezi Classic Gone For Good?

I logged in to Prezi for the first time in a few months and got the following error message:

“Oops. You need a different Prezi app.
Your license type corresponds with Prezi Next. Please download it to continue. We also recommend deleting this app.”

I understand that I can copy old presentations into Next, but I would like confirmation: Does this mean that Prezi Classic can no longer be used to access and edit presentations?

Hi @Dan_Lowe, yes I can confirm that Prezi Classic can no longer be used to access and edit your Prezi Classic presentations.

We sent out a campaign of emails over the last couple of months to all users still using Classic that the app will be closed and encouraged everyone to switch to our newer Prezi version Prezi Present and the Prezi Next desktop app.

I’d recommend you to check this article on how to convert old Classic presentations into a Prezi Present presentation. You can also read through this article to learn more about Prezi Present.

I hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi Laura,

Thanks! I must have missed the emails.

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I really miss the classic…


Me too. The new version is a terrible “update”.

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Hi everyone,

I want to access our Prezi account in the Classic app and since last week, there have been some problems that a few times every day it kicked me out and told me to download Prezi Present (Prezi Next) app. But in the end, I always managed to log in after a few tries.

But today, the app will not let me to log in anymore. We do not want to use the Prezi Present as it is not user friendly for us and lacks some core functions we used the most.

And many of our clients use the app as well with the presentations we created for them.

  1. Is the editor not available anymore? Because that would be a major problem as you ensured us that the Prezi Classic editor will not be terminated and will still be available. So what to do now?
  2. Any ideas about our clients’ not being able to log in as well?

Thank you,

Radek, Crea Vision

@Petra_B I need help
I did not realized that classic will stop working…have saved locally in my MAC the presentations but I do not know how to recover my work…there is one that I need urgently, I have to present it in a Congress next Friday…could you please help me? when I try to connect to classic with my account I get a message that I need an EDU account, and my account is edu

Hi @sergio_haimovich

Your Prezi Classic content is safe and won’t go anywhere as long as you’ve synced it to your dashboard. You can continue to present or edit your Prezi Classic by content using the Prezi Present editor.
This means that if the presentation you need by Friday is synced on your online Prezi dashboard, you will be able to edit and present it.
You can find more resources about the discontinuation of the Classic desktop application in this article from our Knowledge Base.

I think I echo a lot of people in saying that Prezi Next is in some ways a step down from Prezi Classic. Not in all ways, of course – it can do some really cool stuff, and it’s obvious that the design team spent a lot of time, energy, and thought into it. If Prezi Next had simply added new functions, I think we would all be unreservedly excited about it. But it has lost some functionality – a lot of things that were super easy to do in Prezi Classic are now much harder.

Is the Prezi team interested in our feedback on how Prezi Next could be improved? I have a number of thoughts on how we could get the best of both worlds (Classic and Next). I’m sure other people have lots of suggestions, too. Is Prezi open to hearing these ideas, and is an update to the software a real possibility?


Good morning
I created a presentation to be presented on Tuesday. Somehow, after FORCED installation of preziNext, the created presentation does not show up in the application even after trying to move it to the folder created for this purpose. Not only that, not all the presentations created in prezi classic were shown in the prezi next application. Honestly? my frustration was at its peak. I have an update somewhere to scour the forum with such funny things because someone screwed up the synchronization. I have slightly more important things to do than read forums because of someone’s incompetence.

Kind regards

Hello @Bartlomiej_Miernicze

I have reached out to you on your registered email address so I can better help.

Dear Dan, I would love to hear your ideas. Absoutelly.
It really helps if you can name both what you like and what you don’t like, ideally both in the creation flow, and in the final result, how your presentations changes due to moving the next.

Many thanks for your help,
Adam, Co-Founder


Hi @Crea_Vision

We discontinued Prezi Classic last month. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to log in to the Prezi Classic desktop application.
Your Prezi Classic content is safe and won’t go anywhere as long as you’ve synced it to your account. You can continue to present or edit your Prezi Classic content by using the Prezi Present editor on your browser or through the desktop app.
I hope this information was useful!

Great, here’s some feedback. I would encourage other users to weigh in as well, since I’m relatively new to Prezi Next. My apologies if the comments here are mistaken, and there are different ways of doing the things I want to do.

Overall, the issues with Next is not that you literally can’t do things you used to. It’s that they’re harder and more inconvenient, which makes the whole interface much more frustrating and less user friendly.

1. Adding text is harder. It used to be a single click: you point at where you want the text and you click. Now it is three clicks: you click insert, then text, then once the text box appears you have to put it in the right position. This would not be a big deal if this was an uncommon function, but adding text is literally the main thing you are doing when putting together a presentation.

2. You can’t zoom out intermediately. You used to be able to use the plus and minus zoom buttons on the side to zoom in or out a little. With next, you can click home and see the entire presentation, but sometimes you just want to zoom out an intermediate amount. (You could add a new zoom area, but again, that takes more clicks.)

3. Zooming in is harder. If I see the thing I want to zoom in on to edit it, I used to be able to just double click on it. But now have to scroll through the sidebar to find the zoom area and then click on it. If you have a long presentation, this can take time.

4. Jumping around while presenting is harder. If I want to jump to a frame, I used to be able to click on it. If I click on it right now, it goes to that frame, but then if I want to go forward from there, Prezi won’t do it – you always have to start at the beginning.

The result is that while the advanced stuff with Next is very cool, doing very basic functions has gotten harder, and made the user interface worse. And for those of us who use Prezi regularly – I’m a teacher who does all of my lectures with Prezi – this is a really significant problem.


Hi, Petra,

yeah, I found this topic later after posting my request.

Creating a new presentation in Prezi Present, I found out that in Prezi Classic I was able to click on a certain frame in the path and continue presentation from that point, but now I have to start over from the beginning.

I saw that someone asked about the same thing. Do you have any solution for this, please? As this is currently our biggest problem.

Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

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Hi again, Petra,

we have just discovered that when our client tries to log in into Prezi Next app using his Basic account, it does not allow him that. But in the pricing, I did not find anything about having to have paid account for using the app. Is it just some kind of error and it will be repaired in no time, please?

It does not seem very fair that up to this day the app was free and suddenly without any further notice they are supposed to pay for it.

Not to mention that we checked our mailbox and we have not received any word about cancelling the Classic app.

Thanks very much

Hi @Crea_Vision

I will reach out to you via your registered email address, so I can better help you.

Thank you so much Dan, all make sense

Thank you for your answer…what about those presentations that I have saved only in my laptop? Can I access with P. present? How can I do it?
Thanks again

Currently, the presentations that are saved as PEZ files cannot be synced in Present.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re looking into this and will get back to you through your registered email. We appreciate your patience.