Is Prezi Design suitable for creating a Cheet Sheet/Reference Sheet?


I need to create a number of “Cheat Sheets” / Reference Sheets. For example, I teach Computer Systems Admininstration and for each topic I want a 1-2 page reference for the students to have as a summary of the key points and the command-syntax. Would Prezi Design be suitable for this, and if so, which template would be best? Has anyone used Prezi for this type of content?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Cormac_Mac_Giolla_Ea,

Yes, I believe Prezi Design would be suitable for creating cheat sheets. There is no template specific for such content, however, all Prezi Design templates are fully adjustable to your needs - you can remove and add content from the template, change colors, page size, add new pages, etc. depending on what content you would like to include and how would you like to page to look. If it’s a one-pager, I would suggest either any of the Infographic or Dashboard templates. You can also start with a blank infographic or dashboard canvas. Some features that might be useful when creating a cheat sheet are adding shapes for colored boxes (add shapes from the left-side toolbox), using pre-made elements for flowcharts, timelines, diagrams, as well as connectors and of course, text boxes. Hope it works out!

Hi Ketija

Thanks very much for your detailed reply. I usually use LibreOfice Writer to create the cheet sheets/references, but I think if I did them in Prezi they would be more visually appealing. I’m going to try it out.

Thanks and regards