Is prezi down?

Is prezi down? I cant view or edit any prezi’s, and neither an the person I am working with. I cant even view the ones on Prezi homepage. it just says IO error. I have tried different computers, browsers and I have updated all my software.

i get stuck just after i click on one of my projects

Hello Alissa,

Do you have a firewall that may be blocking your access to

Thank you,
Ryan Mahan

i’m not sure, but i have been able to use prezi in the past, then sometimes it doesn’t work. No firewall settings have been changed as far as i know

11-5-12 @ 10:42 a.m. Still giving error messages I cant even access the site anymore any word on when things will be up and running?

Sorry for this - the site is down temporary!
We are working on this hard - it will be solved soon!


do you have a time frame on this??? i have a presentation in 2 hours that I am supposed to be using prezi for…this is incredibly inconvenient!!

Prezi is on again!
Sorry for this!

If you have serious presentation in the near future, please download your Prezis, just for sure - first:

Still having no luck with getting on to Prezi…

Still having no luck with getting on to Prezi…

same here still not working