Is Prezi Next ok for Commercial Use?

Is Prezi Next ok for commercial use?

I cannot find anything in the T&Cs which clarify.

Anything you create on Prezi, you own.

Feel free to use media such as screenshots of UI elements, tutorial videos, etc., as long as:

  1. You clearly note that all media is used with permission from Prezi Inc. by inserting the phrase: “Used with permission from Prezi Inc.” alongside any media.
  2. You represent elements accurately. Please refer to our presskit for more information on how to do so.

Also, please make sure you owns all of the content in your presentation or it could be a copyright violation.

Can I use a software video recording or gif to record my prezi presentation and save it as video/gif? I would use it for commercial use on my website. I want it as video/gif so I can resize it to my imagination :slight_smile:

Regards :slight_smile:

Yes, @Tomasz_Maguder, feel free to use Prezi to create content for your website.


I have a prezi next standard license and prezi enjoy

If I record the screen of my presentation, is ok to use it for commercial use? What are the requirements that i need to consider? My idea is to upload them in udemy or other virtual platform for curses, but i want to be sure beforehand


@Gustavo_Marcos_Mente I’ve merged your question to a thread with the same question, please see my answer above.