Is Prezi Video working?


I wanted to test if the new Prezi Video is working. After creating my account and start creating a new Prezi Video in the online version, the system is unable to recognize my inbuilt webcam and mic on my laptop (but it is surely working as the little green LED light is ON, so maybe someone is watching me, at least).
There isn’t any notification about any issues with my webcam or mic…

When downloading the windows desktop app, it can not be setup saying my windows version is not sufficient (I have win 8.1 and system requirement is win 7).

Any idea what to do to make this thing to work?



Hello @Miklos_Terei, could you please follow these steps to enable your camera:

  1. On Windows, go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera .
  2. Choose your preferred setting for Allow apps to access your camera.
  3. Under Choose which apps can access your camera, turn the individual settings for apps On or Off.

In relation to the desktop application, the minimum system requirement to run Prezi Video is Windows 10, you can check more information in this article.

Please, let us know if you were able to use Prezi Video :slight_smile:

Hi Catarina!

Thanks for trying to help.

Although I allowed Prezi Video to use my webcam and mic in Chrome, under Windows 8.1, in Camera settings many apps are listed but Chrome is not.
As said, when trying to launch Prezi Video, the webcam’s LED shows that it is working, but there isn’t any picture.

At my desktop computer I have Win10, where the Prezi Video desktop app says that prezi video will be available soon. I don’t have any webcam at this desktop computer. I have tried to attach a DSRL camera to it, but couldn’t get any picture from it neither, although I get a live cam with it’s Canon official app.


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I could run Prezi Video from another laptop which runs under Win10. There I could see myself in the Prezi Video.
But I couldn’t run the live option. I have downloaded the desktop app, which is required to get the live option - well, in the desktop app there isn’t any live option and for Prezi Video it says: “coming soon”.


Hello @Miklos_Terei, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the update, if you still wish to use Prezi Video in your laptop I would recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Please, take this test and check if your webcam is working correctly;
  2. If not, I would advise to restart your computer and clear the cache in Chrome;
  3. After, please retry to open the video editor and assure you don’t have any other applications that require a webcam open;

In relation to the application, currently the live option is only available when you import a PPT or a Prezi presentation :slight_smile:

Hello Catarina,

I have run the test, both webcam and mic are working properly.

I still can’t run the video editor on this computer, it searches for the webcam and mic, but can’t find it…
No other applications are using my webcam simultanously (or maybe some spies, who knows…)


Hello @Miklos_Terei, thank you so much for sending those informations, did you also restart the computer and cleared the cache of the browser? :slight_smile:

Hello Catarina!
I have cleared the cache of Chrome (not browsing history and passwords, but cache yes), restarted the PC several times - still the same issue: no picture.


Hello @Miklos_Terei, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: could you please send us a screenshot of your screen so we can investigate this issue further?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Catarina,

here is the printscreen:

Another question:

  • Will someone get advanced features in Prezi Video when having higher and higher subscriptions at Prezi? I couldn’t find that information on your sites. For example: unlimited slides, custom themes, etc.


Hello @Miklos_Terei, when you are in that page, could you please open your developer console in Google Chrome and take a screenshot so we can investigate the issue further? You can also copy the text in your message :slight_smile:

You are able to do a more personalized video with any license with the Advanced create option, you can check more information in this article:

Hello Catarina,

thank you for the information for the Advance create option.

I am hopefully sending you the right screenshots in 2 messages:


2nd screenshot:

Hello @Miklos_Terei, thank you so much for the screenshots. We are currently investigating this issue with our development team and as soon as we have any updates we will let you know :slight_smile:

Thank you Catarina!

In the meanwhile, some other questions I’ve found during the tests of Prezi Video (on a Win10 laptop which gives me a picture):

  1. Is there a plan where I can get off the Prezi Video logo (and put mine instead)?

  2. With a plan, will I be able to add more slides than 15?

  3. When importing a PPT into Prezi Video in the desktop app, I have found that it imports slides as images, but I couldn’t add extra texts to it (not to the slide but next to it). In the online version, I can add texts (100 characters) and 1 picture by slide. Why is there so much difference between the online and desktop versions? In this case, the desktop version has less knowledge than the online version.

  4. With the basic, free plan, description says that video resolution is 720p. When downloading the video, it is only 360p. Why?

  5. I have attached an external microphone to the laptop, but the sound level was very-very low, although the mic was 10 cm away from my mouth. At other recordings it is working very well. I have checked before, Prezi recognized the mic, recording was made with it, not the internal mic.

  6. Your description says that I can attach a DSLR camera to the system. I couldn’t succeed with that. I am quite experienced with cameras as I am working with videos anyway. When attaching this Canon camera, I can get a live picture with its own software, so it is working. But I couldn’t succeed that Prezi Video recognizes it. How to do that?

  7. Why isn’t a way to attach a mobile phone as a camera? That would ease the work of many experts who are making video presentations.


Hello @Miklos_Terei, I will reply to your questions in several parts:

  1. Currently the watermark is not removable, however as we just released Prezi Video recently, we are planning to include more features later on, including the ability to remove the watermark. I’ve channeled your request to our development team.

  2. If you are making a video from scratch in the desktop app, there is no slides limitation - it is, however, a paid feature and currently it will be available soon on Windows.

  3. You should be able to add a text box next to your slide (one image + one text per frame and the PPT slide is considered an image), as you can see in this example. Currently, it my seem like there are fewer options in the desktop app, but both the editing and recording features will also be released for Windows :slight_smile:

  4. Could you please send us a screenshot with the details of the resolution of the exported video? This also depends on your computer’s performance and webcam, so we advise you to close other tabs or programs that might interfere with it.

  5. Could you please send us the model of the microphone you used? You need to select it as default in the PV app.

  6. When using a DSLR camera with Prezi Video, you need to have a cable with USB and HDMI outputs and also a capture card (we recommend using Cam Link products), you can check this article for more information. Were you using both of them?

  7. Currently it’s still not possible to do so, but we agree that it would be very useful, we are forwarding this feedback to our Product team!

Video Prezi doesn’t recognize my webcam Logitech C170, but I can use it in other applications as hangouts.
Can you help me?

Hi @Jorge_Asiain, I’ve moved your request to the relevant topic, please check the replies above :slight_smile:
I’d also recommend checking this article for troubleshooting.

We also have a dedicated forum for Prezi Video here, hope this helped :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same problem. :raising_hand_woman:

Hi @Ing_Claudia_Morel, could you please describe your issue in detail?