Is there a way to print out Prezi yet? Many thanks! :)

Zoli, perhaps its a flaw of this medium but Adam promised this feature, in some detail, a year ago.

See here:Is there anyway of printing the overview Prezi?
Many of us are wondering what the status is on this. It’s actually a pretty big deal for anyone wanting to use Prezi in a business setting. People like handouts.

Gotta say that the lack of some sort of handout/materials generation feature is the main obstacle to recommending this to our clients as well as for deploying this corporate wide.

WE enjoy prezi at my workplace but have the same problem- having to take the time to make separate notes for the audience. In an academic setting, take-homes are important to the audience.

Every time I’ve shown someone Prezi they’ve been bowled over by it until I tell them you can’t print it out or otherwise get the text out of Prezi into another format.

It’s such a pain to have to copy & paste the text out of it into another document, but that’s the only way I can manage to make handouts (or notes for my own reference, which is always handy when you are preparing for a presentation). Surely there must be some way you can produce something simple like a plain text file containing the text from the slides, in the order that they appear in the slide show? That at least would give us the raw material for handouts or whatever.

It is standard practice in most contexts to have a printed version available, so it seems incredible that there is still no simple means of doing this with Prezi (a year after a similar question was asked on here!).

Not even a time line Zoli? Really? You can’t give us something?

This is a MUST in today’s presentation settings! My listeners have been very impressed of Prezi, and are asking for some kind of a handout. You better act quickly on solving this, because Prezi is by far a better presentation tool as ppt!
Leif Åberg, professor, organizational communications, University of Helsinki


Can you please give me your email and the prezi ?


Hi everyone:

As a Flash developer I must let you know is not an easy task, and what you get with Prezi is a very powerfull/usefull presentation tool. I really don’t see the lack of printing options as a flaw, because you always have the option to make your Prezi public. That way your audience will be able to follow you.
If you really need to print a handout in the short time, you may try to Alt+PrintScreen your work area and paste it in any word processor.
In the other hand, the very same paradigm of Prezi makes me wonder if a handout could be really usefull. When I prepare my Prezis, I have never feel the need of a hand out, nor my audience.

Thank you for Prezi. Would be great if it’s possible to print out the “slides”, but it’s still an awesome tool.

Thank You, Bernardo!
PrintScreen is probably a sufficient, yet a clumsy solution for most cases.
I am very enthusiastic about the general idea of Prezi: you plan your presentation using keywords, then go deeper into details and finally narrate and visualize it. Thye only limit is your imagination!
Therefore you Prezi people should development a unique way of producing a handout (instead of boring ppt-handouts). Best regards, Leif Åberg

The making of the prezi public is indeed a wonderful thing.

But the production of handouts is a required thing for many events and uses of presentations. Screen captures aren’t the best solution if one uses dark backgrounds - that’s why PowerPoint allows for grayscale printing and other packages allow for printing with backgrounds turned off.

I present at conferences where handouts are a required deliverable. People expect them. Proceedings of the conference are published in paper form.

People can’t carry a flash presentation around (not even on an iPad or iPhone) to view or take notes on yet. Maybe on a few smartphones, but they still can’t take notes on these.

What I’ve been doing in making a quick PowerPoint of my key points and a couple of key graphics, but the point of my using prezi is so that I can avoid the whole PPT thing.

There’s a culture in the corporate world set up that requires handouts. Maybe that should be phased out, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. I won’t go into detail about all the PHBs who think that all streaming media is time wasting fluff. Different audiences have different needs. My audiences need handouts. They don’t always need them printed on paper, but they need the substance of the presentation in a static, portable, printable form that can be accessed offline.

Streaming media is not the solution to every problem, nor are handouts.

I second all the suggestions that we should be at least able to export all the text. Then if I can open that in something (Word, PPT, whatever) and copy and paste few images I’d be set.

…and I understand the not giving a timeline from a vendor point of view…what is frustrating me is the lack of any sort of feedback of “we hear ya and agree. We will be working on this asap.”

Thanks, Zoli. Like I said, I *do* understand the lack of forward looking dates. And I’m happy to hear that you hear us :slight_smile:

I am very aware that these requests are not always easy to implement, and that Prezi is a wonderful tool. It is also true that handouts are not always necessary. However, there are many situations where handouts are expected, and people would not be content with simply being given a link to the online Prezi. Apart from anything else, you can’t always assume that your audience are tech-savvy and they may therefore not want to access the online version (of course, we all know how easy it is to use, but many people are still rather intimidated by technology, or just don’t like viewing things on a computer screen). A good presentation always involves thinking about your audience, it’s no good assuming that just because you’d be happy with a link to the presentation they would be too. Lots of people still prefer paper! Perhaps if you work in the IT industry this isn’t such a problem, but I’d assume the majority of Prezi users don’t, and regularly have to give presentations to audiences that may include technophobes. Even for those of us who are happy with technology, it’s nice to have handouts sometimes - I find it helpful to take notes or underline things on a printout, for instance.

Printscreen isn’t really adequate for these needs, as it would be rather time consuming to go through each part of the presentation in turn, capturing it, and then assembling these screen captures into something presentable.

I’m glad to hear, though, that Prezi are aware of the demand for handouts and that it is on the to-do list! Thanks for listening to your customers and giving us some idea of your intentions :slight_smile:

This is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for the very quick turn around.


Now for the follow up requests:

  • I would love the ability to have some sort of gray scale applied to these very dark backgrounds. Going forward I will probably choose the light background themes, but in general I prefer dark background styles for my presentations.

  • PDFs are great, but I’d like the ability to apply some settings such as copyright info, header and footer info. I know I can edit PDFs with the proper applications, but not everyone is going to have access to that sort of thing.

I do truly appreciate your adding this functionality so fast.

Leif Åberg

I’d very much like a way of printing my Prezi, so that I can scribble down some “speakers notes”. Also, I’d have some way of knowing what was coming next in my presentation. I know there’s been some interest in this - what are the latest plans for printing?



There is a way to print a prezi, When you edit your prezi, there is a blue menu on the top right side of the window. There you will find the “Print” button. click on it, and a drop down menu will show you the progress of converting your prezi (path by path) to a pdf. then you can save it locally and print it out.

Hope this helped