Is there a way to use Prezi offline without installing the editor?


To graduate high school in my country you have to write a scientific paper and present it in front of a committee, but we can’t bring our own laptops. We have to save the presentation on the classroom’s computer. Since I am used to Prezi I’d like to create the presentation with it, but the Internet in my school is not reliable, and Prezis take a way too long time to load. So that option is off the table. I also can’t install the editor, since the user has no admin rights.

So is there a way to use Prezi offline or create a new Prezi Classic presentation?

I tried reaching out to support via the chat function to no avail.


Hello @matteo_theuer, I recommend you to download your presentation through the desktop application in your personal computer and then can save it in a USB stick, so you are able to open it in the classroom’s computer.