Is there a Workflow Template


Does anyone know if, at any level, if Prezi offers a workflow/process flow template? Or, does anyone know how to search which templates are available at the higher plan levels?


I don’t see anything specifically called “Workflow” but there a few that I might suggest reviewing for starting points (depending on the type of workflow, of course) are:
——Tech Company Intro (a nice circular graphic you can orbit around to outline steps, etc.)
——Line Chart (if your process has a lot of related data, perhaps?)
——Timeline (thinking you could maybe replace year dates with the process steps instead)
——Business Planning (has a lot of nice graphics & the background image lends itself to more customizable space usage)
——Mind Map (similar to the first Tech template, but a bit more organic)

If you already have an account, you can search by clicking +New prezi (in your desktop app) or New presentation (online). And it will let you browse the Template chooser on your lefthand side.

If you don’t have an account yet, I hope that helps at least a little bit, knowing there are some options. I believe all ~100 templates are available at any subscription level!