Is there any way to show a Prezi and see the next slide before it's shown on the screen?

I’m always amazed that the conferences I speak at have never, ever handled a prezi before, so I’m still running into a problem that is dogging me and impacting good presentation skills.  In Powerpoint, there is “presentation mode,” and you can see upcoming slides before you announce them or move to that topic.  This is incredibly valuable when you are on a huge stage and the screen embedded on the floor can prompt you about what is coming, which helps you to avoid turning to the screen if you don’t remember what’s next.  Because no one has ever had a prezi where I go, including at my TEDx talk two years ago, I’m always the only speaker who never has the benefit of presentation mode, which is making me think about going back to Powerpoints.  I looked in the topics for this question for awhile, but didn’t see it, so I’m wondering if I’m the first to ask.  With some huge keynotes coming up this summer, I have to decide about sticking with Prezi or moving back to Powerpoint to have this big advantage.  Can someone please advise?

No further words needed: THIS IS A MUST FEATURE TO GET!  
I totally agree!

Hello, any update about this feature from the product team? Thanks