Is there anyway to get the youtube link of a video that is in a private prezi?

Video from youtube link

Hi Octavio,

Unfortunately, any kind of media that is once inserted into prezi cannot be saved.
If it helps and this prezi is shared with you to edit you can select the object you like (e.g. the video) and click Favourite. So that you can use this video in other prezis, you can see more information here.

Or if the prezi is not yours, you can comment or contact the owner of the prezi in order to ask the name of the video or the link.

Hope this helps.

Nicole, what if the prezi IS yours, and I would like to get the link to use in a format that is not prezi. How can I get the link?

Hi Kara,

Unfortunately you can’t, what you can do is to comment on the prezi you want the video link and try contacting the owner of the prezi to share with you.

Hope that helps.