Item anchoring on background image

I think I am losing my mind. I have used Prezi lots in the past but I set it aside for a couple of years. Today, I uploaded a .png image for a background and I want to overlay frames. The whole thing is not behaving very well. When I zoom into the background, the frames move around, i.e.: are not anchored to the background image. Any ideas?

Hi @Len_Babin, could you tell me if you are using Prezi Next or Prezi Classic?

Hi Bart. Sorry. Prezi Classic for Windows. It does the same when I use it on the website.


Hi @Len_Babin, how do you mean exactly that the frames are moving around? Can you send me a screen recording of the issue and maybe the link of the presentation if it’s not a private one?

Hi Bart. Here is a screen video of my problem.

Let me know what I am doing wrong.



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Hi @Len_Babin, thanks for this video, nice and cool! :slight_smile:
I have checked this in my Prezi as well, this behaviour is normal in case of a background image as there is this 3D effect helping you with a more fluid-looking zoom.

If you move the presentation around the frame only moves in the editor, but on the left side, you can double-check the zoomed-in content once you’ve added the frame.

Another workaround could be that you do not upload this picture as a background, you rather insert the same picture as an image. Once you inserted the image as content rather than background it will be on the same “layer” as your zoom frames, so it gives you the behaviour that you are looking for.

Hope this helps!

Hi Bart. Just wanted to let you know that I did as you suggested - plain background and image object as the main event - and it works perfectly. I really appreciate your help.


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