I've lost all my presentations. Where did they go?


I spent a very long time on a prezi before Prezi updated their sight. However, when I logged into my account, the prezi was gone. Does anyone know how I could find or recover it?

When I logged in, all my presentations vanished. What happened?
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Have you tried switching dashboards in the top left corner of your dashboard?
You now have 2 separate dashboards: one for the presentations created with Prezi Next, and another for those created with Prezi Classic.

Check out this help article for more details.


Yes, I’ve tried that.


Is it possible that you created multiple Prezi accounts? Could you please try and find the link to your presentation in your browser history? That would help us locate the account and investigate what could have happened.


Please, can you help me with forgotten account ? I made a presentation for my company but i forget an email. I thought i was logged by Linkedin. But maybe it can be only my mistake. Iam sending you an link for that presentation which was created by my name. I need only an email adress. Password i allready know. Thanks for support.


Hi, @Karel_Hrdy. We have responded in the other thread.


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All my prezis are erased? why?

How can i recovery?


@juorella please make sure you search for them in their respective dashboard, see Vera’s answer above on how to switch between dashboards.


I had not logged into my account in a few months but when I logged back in today all my old Prezis were gone. Does anyone know if it is possible to get them back?


@Lexy_Amos please make sure to switch to your Prezi Classic dashboard when you search for your old presentations. See Vera’s answer above.


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I don’t have the dropdown list. It only allows me to access Prezi Next while the one that I need is in Classic.
(This is super urgent)


Your current account is a Prezi Next only account. In case you had a Prezi Classic account before the release of Prezi Next, please make sure to use the email address you used for registering on Prezi Classic. Then the dropdown should appear.


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So my presentations are lost from my library. While signing in, there’s only the “Getting started” presentation while there should be maybe a dozen presentations through the years of using Prezi.
I can present at least one of the presentations through link, but cannot obviously edit as they don’t appear in “My presentations” as I sign in. The previously used folders are there, but there’s not any content left.



Hello, @Arttu_Hautala. I have checked your account, and your Prezi Classic presentations are there. You are able to access them if you switch to your Prezi Classic dashboard. To access your dual dashboard, please click the downwards arrow: