I've lost all my presentations. Where did they go?

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i did the same and still have a single presentation, useless

Hi @Felipe_Salazar, I can confirm that there are no presentations under your account. Is it possible that you have another Prezi account linked with a different email address? If you could send me a URL to one of your presentations, I’d be happy to check which account it belongs to.

Hi Community,

I lost half of my presentation and I am freaking out. I don’t know of the browser was malfunctioning, but it apparently hasn’t updated or saved since July, and I’ve been working on it for a long time. Does anyone know if it’s possible to retrieve what I was working on?


Hi @Sofie_Moller , could you please send me a link to the presentation? I’m happy to check it out in our informations.

Please make sure to check the necessary firewall settings.

Hi Kata,

it’s this one: https://prezi.com/qdgwaotfjumd/edit/#2_30863873

Hi @Sofie_Moller, the edits you made today were synced, but sadly I don’t see any updates before that until July. I’m afraid something (most probably a firewall) must have blocked the syncing. Please check our post on firewall related issues.

That’s really depressing because then I won’t know if it will happen the next time I try to make a presentation. I just had our IT people look at the firewall settings on my computer and they couldn’t find any issues. So that’s just a bit frustrating that it can just disappear.

A post was split to a new topic: Find presentation

You are a lifesaver!

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I logged into my account and none of my older presentations are available on my dashboard. When I search for them, you can still find them but I they do not appear in my account. Help!

Hello @Kelsey_Crawford, looks like there are many presentations in your account. Please make sure you check both Prezi Classic and Next dashboards in case you use both products. You can switch between the two dashboards in the top left corner of your account. I hope this helps.

I edited one of my presentations last night and today when I logged in the program says that I don’t have any presentations. It’s happening with both Chrome and Firefox so I guess it’s not a plug-in isuue. Can anyone help me please? (I’m using the Basic Free Prezi). Thanks

Hi @FARINAZ_FIROOZ, I merged your post to the relevant thread. We can see all your presentations in your account. Please check Vanda’s reply above and make sure that you search for your presentations in the right dashboard.

I don’t see 2 dashboards where I can switch? I can’t find my presentation.

Hello @Andrea_Lawrence, looks like you have a Prezi Next license only and there were no presentations created in this account. Most likely you have another account registered with a different email address where your presentations are. If you can send me email addresses you could have used for registering or URLs of presentations I’ll be happy to help you locate the account.

I don’t have both prezi next and prezi classic on my dashboard. All my prezis are gone. They are only showing the new prezi next. What do I do?

Hi @Chantele_Byington, I merged your post to the relevant thread.
This account is linked to a free Next Basic license, Is it possible that you have another Prezi license? Please send us a URL to any of the presentations that you’re looking for, and I’d be happy to take a look at is. :raised_hands:

Thanks it was actually another email but it would only find via logging in to Google vs regular login. Is that strange? Lawrencea1@bostonpizza.com

Hello @Andrea_Lawrence, you can reset the password on this page if needed. I hope this helps and you can log into the account.