I've lost all my presentations. Where did they go?

Hello @Andrea_Lawrence, looks like you have a Prezi Next license only and there were no presentations created in this account. Most likely you have another account registered with a different email address where your presentations are. If you can send me email addresses you could have used for registering or URLs of presentations I’ll be happy to help you locate the account.

I don’t have both prezi next and prezi classic on my dashboard. All my prezis are gone. They are only showing the new prezi next. What do I do?

Hi @Chantele_Byington, I merged your post to the relevant thread.
This account is linked to a free Next Basic license, Is it possible that you have another Prezi license? Please send us a URL to any of the presentations that you’re looking for, and I’d be happy to take a look at is. :raised_hands:

Thanks it was actually another email but it would only find via logging in to Google vs regular login. Is that strange? Lawrencea1@bostonpizza.com

Hello @Andrea_Lawrence, you can reset the password on this page if needed. I hope this helps and you can log into the account.

my whole prezi is gone and I was almost finished it for an assignment worth a huge portion of my grade. is there a way to restore it?

Hi @Jessica_Paul, could you please send me a link to this presentation?

I don’t have a link because it’s gone

Hi @Jessica_Paul, I don’t see any deleted presentations in your account. Is it possible that you have another Prezi account where you created this presentation? If you can remember the title of the presentation, that would also be helpful.

I used my prezi classic in September. But today I found that my presentation disappeared. Where is it? I spent a lot of time to create it. I checked prezi next and prezi classic, but there are not. I don’t have any other accounts. How can I recover it?

Hi @111140, I merged your post to the relevant thread! Do you have a URL for this presentation?

Thank you a lot! I don’t know why but it was a bug of the system. Later I opened my account and found my presentations.

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I used Prezi for all my work in my school. Now, when I log in my user, i can´t find my works. What happened?

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Hi I have spent a grat deal of my time making prezi
I was gone for a year or so and now all my presentations have vanished
There is no option to go into the prezi classic page

Hello @Rhythm_Pandya, if you can send me any email addresses you could have used for signing up (or presentation URLs) I’ll be happy to help you locate your old Prezi Classic account and the presentations you’re looking for.

me pasó lo mismo :frowning:

Hola @Anto_Peral, por favor consulta la siguiente respuesta :slight_smile:

A presentation that I used in the fall has disappeared. Is there a way to recover it?