I've upgraded to Plus but audio is still greyed out



Audio in prezi plus is not working. It doesn’t work for topics either


@Fred_Macfarlane, sorry you have encountered this issue. Is the option greyed out? Could you please let us know what operating system you are using and whether it happens in a browser (then we would also need browser type and version) or in the desktop app?


It is working now. I have Windows 10 and using google chrome. It was frustrating trying to reach someone there at prezi to help me.



I’m glad to hear it works. And I am sorry if you came across any complications reaching out to support.


Keep in mind that the audio function will be grayed out if you don’t have a topic or subtopic selected. As soon as you select something that can have an audio clip attached to, the option will no longer be grayed out.


I recently created a Plus account. As I’m trying to add audio to a subtopic, it’s not allowing me to. The little music note is greyed out, and no window pops up.

I tried IE, firefox, and Chrome. I tried on both desktop and laptop, both uses windows 10. None worked.


@blair_jiang I’ve merged your issue to the relevant thread, please see Robin’s answer above.

Also, please make sure no firewall or security settings block this feature in your browsers, you can find our recommended suggestions here: