Japanese font gets weird when converting into PDF


I am trying to use Prezi design for a document in Japanese.
The font looks alright while I’m working on it (so in the web), but the moment I convert it into a pdf (or png for that matter), it gets weird - I’m pretty sure it gets converted into a Chinese font.
I chose NOTO sans and it looked alright until I converted it.

Is there something I can do? Or should I give up using Prezi Design for Japanese documents?

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Hello, Cristina!
Could you, please, send a link to this particular project? Will investigate!

Hi Andrejs!
Thank you for the reply. This is the one: 寒天 | Prezi Design
The font is Noto Sans (not JP), but my Japanese PC automatically shows it as Noto Sans JP until I try to turn it to PDF.

The font inside the web version of your project (Log In | Prezi) and the downloaded PDF file looks practically the same from our side:

Hence, this could be tied to your browser/computer not having the font installed and automatically reverting to a different font. I would recommend trying to log into Prezi or viewing the project online using a different browser/computer.

Please, let me know if you are still experiencing any issues - will investigate further!

There is a big difference for Japanese speakers between the font in this web version and the font in the PDF file.
It may be difficult for non-Japanese speakers to understand the difference, but the font in the PDF version is not practical.

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Ok, thanks for pointing that out (and apologies if I sounded too ignorant :slight_smile: although I don’t speak Japanese, the changes are visible.
I have reported this to our developers and we will try to fix this!


Hi everyone,

sorry for the late reply.
Thanks to Tomiyasu-san for pointing out the difference.
Looking forward to having a Japanese font we can use.

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I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Is there any way I can download a version that looks exactly the same as the one I am editing?
I have already tried all downloading formats.

Hello! We have added a new version of the Noto Sans font - called Noto Sans JP. If you will switch to this in your text fields, they will be displayed correctly (= the same as online) in all your downloaded documents.

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