Jerky transitions in prezi classic

I have seen other posts related to jerky transitions and lag when presenting with Prezi Classic.  I am having this same issue.  The other posts address things like

(1) having too many SWF images, but I have none
(2) having too many large images, but I have nothing over 1000 pixels in dimension, and most are only several hundred pixels; I do have a couple movies embedded.
(3) having an old computer, but mine is an iMac with 32 GB RAM and a 3.4 GHz multicore processor, only two years old

Are there any other remedies for this?  Some of the transitions in my presentation are so jerky that they make me a little seasick.  I guess I could try Prezi Next, but I have already invested so much time in this Prezi Classic presentation, and without the ability to migrate easily from Classic to Next, I feel stuck.

Same issue. No large pictures, but I do have videos. But even when I run other sample prezi’s I have this issue, but only on ONE of my tablets. The newest one with the best specs… can you help?