Jump into topic when editing topic cover

When I’m editing a text label or just moving things around in a “slide”, the view often jumps up or down to home or a subtopic without my control. I can’t stay in edit mode without accidentally jumping out of the slide. I’d expect to stay in edit mode until I’m done, then navigate up or down, not be randomly moved around. It’s madening. Is it my setup?

Hi @cleo_huggins, could you share a screencast of what is happening exactly?

My guess would be that the objects you move activate the “move out from topic” or “move into topic” features. Can you try to move things around by holding CMD (mac) or CTRL (Win) and see if that works?

When I did a screencast, it was mostly behaved. Only a few times the interface leaped around depths unexplainably. It wouldn’t be easy to identify on the cast which times those were and how they correspond to the way I was using the mouse. But I learned a few things:

There are times when I double click a label on a planet and it becomes editable, other times, it zooms me down to the sub-topic. This is essentially the thing that I’m trying to better control. I swapped out my magic mouse for a wired USB mouse and the double click being either edit or zoom behavior was still there. Most of the time double click caused edit mode as expected, but there were still times that I ended up zoomed down to the subtopic level below.

I see what you mean about activating the “move into topic.” This happens all the time when I want to add text or additional images to a planet. They get swallowed up like I’m too close to a black hole. Holding CMD, kept these at the top level. Thanks! Seems odd default behavior. How often would I be adding content that can only be seen on a subtopic level? Why wouldn’t I just go to the subtopic layer and add it? Is there a tutorial that better explains this behavior and it’s purpose? I’ve used Prezi only for this month long trial (which is up tomorrow) and I feel I might be bringing my UI baggage with me.

I do notice that the magic mouse is a little trigger-happy. Sometimes, just passing the mouse over a planet takes me to the subtopic. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has had sensitivity issues with the Apple mouse.

Hi @cleo_huggins, thanks for the details, now I understand the issue much more.

In case you would like to edit the topic cover I would advise you to right-click on the topic and select advanced topic editing. This would open up the cover to be edited so you can add images, text and such to the cover of your topic.

I hear your feedback about the CMD deactivating/activating the other behaviour, I’ll forward that to our product team.

Hope this helps!