Keep original resolution of the background image



I want to upload my background image in original resolution. How is that possible with Prezi Next? In Prezi Classic you can choose to upload it in original resolution, I cant find that option here.


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Currently, it’s not possible to upload a background image in its original resolution, I’m afraid.

Could you please share more details what kind of issues it caused in your presentation, possibly a screenshot that demonstrates it?


What? So now not only can we not migrate, when we try to recreate we cannot get the same quality? That makes NO sense at all!


I just signed up and this is the first issue I have noticed. I have spent time now on searching on this image quality issue (time I really dont have) and saddened to see this thread which implies this is just the way it is.

I’ll wait for a response in case something has changed in the last month that I am overlooking. Otherwise, I will not continue with the trial and cancel.


I’m new to this thread, BUT, I’ve been using Prezi for Business (and now Prezi Next) since December, trying to learn how to get the functionality I used to from Prezi Classic in this new environment.

While the differences can be frustrating, the folks at Prezi are rebuilding the entire thing from scratch using a new technology base (as flash is dying).

That being said, they are very open to listening to our needs, and are working hard to make sure that we get the functions that we need the most — with the end goal of making Prezi Next as functional (dare I say, even MORE!?!) as Classic was.

By sharing these stumbling blocks we’re having, my hope is that we’re alerting them to which issues we need resolved first, so that they can focus on developing what’s most important to their users.

That being said, I’m just one little user, not tied to Prezi at all; but I’ve done quite a few of their training sessions where I’ve shared these thoughts with their team, and I’ve even done one-on-one live discussions with their team members, shared my workaround triumphs and my struggles, etc. — I do truly feel like they are working hard to meet my needs as a user!



Hi! Is it possible to insert a background-image with a size of about 7400 x 2800 pixel without resizing it? I want the picture to be shown in its full size and resolution withot any cropping.
Thanks for any answer!


@Ulrich_Fichtner currently it’s not possible, I’m afraid. The ideal resolution is 1800 x 1012, if your image is bigger than that, the system will automatically resize it.


@BTAL - PDF files will give you the best resolution for zooming. See my article below.

Vector Images in Prezi Next - A Workaround for Pixilation



I wish this would work for our stuff! ALL of our backgrounds that are PDF and nice and crisp in Classic are TERRIBLE pixellated backgrounds. They are useless, which we are finding is making Next almost useless to us. It is so sad that Prezi is going to Sales people only. It may be good for now, but they will lose in the long run if they do not think about those of us who do presentations that have nothing to do with sales. Flash will go away, which means Classic will not be viable for long and so the search starts for something new. Six years ago we started the search beyond PowerPoint and now we are having to do the same with Prezi. I personally am sad about this, because I LOVED designing in Prezi, but now it is so difficult and there are so many things you cannot do now, such as crisp backgrounds that you can zoom into. Your article is good, but it is not universal if Prezi switches everything and “dumbs” down the quality of the PDF that you want for a background. I am still trying to figure out how to manipulate in Photoshop so that we can use what we use in Classic. It has taken way too much time to make Prezi work any longer. I know you LOVE Prezi and are an advocate for it, I was too, but now I cannot use it the way my boss wants it wants it to look Classic made him very happy except for the Flash because you cannot use it with Presenter Pro. :frowning: If they would fix what has been talked about over the past several months, they would have been back as one of the strongest advocates, but right now it feels like they are not listening at all. Your posts have helped the most of all of the forum “helps”! :slight_smile:


When you insert a high resolution image so that you can zoom into it without it appearing pixelated, Prezi Next automatically downsizes it to a lower resolution.

In Prezi Classic, you get a warning about inserting large images that lets you still choose to continue inserting the large image.

In Prezi Next - bad luck. No choice. Prezi Next decides how badly pixelated your image will appear.

I get that Prezi Inc wants to enhance the stability and smoothness of its platform, so all large images are now automatically downsized in Prezi Next. But, many of us poor victims of Prezi Next still want to use high resolution images - because we like to ZOOOOM.

How about letting us humble servants of Prezi Next choose whether we want to insert a large image or not. Just like in Prezi Classic.

PS. In the event you see fit to respond to my admittedly mediocre post, please don’t ask for details about the size of the image I’m trying to insert. I’m not after another one of the endless workarounds required for Prezi Next. I just want the ability to exercise one of my basic human rights to choose what images I insert into my Prezi and the circumstances in which I insert those images.


So when are we going to be able to have more quality in the background image?


We are still waiting too. . .


We are not able to share our development roadmap publically but we make sure to update our threads with any news of upcoming features on regular basis. Also, please note that we will add any releases to the Announcements category.


The silence for months on this subject and others is causing my company to consider other plans for our presentations. It has been MONTHS since really hearing any progress on this subject. You are losing long term, loyal customers very quickly. It would be nice to know where Prezi is heading and if it is worth our monthly subscription to wait any longer. YES! You are hearing great frustration with Prezi’s silence. There really is nothing in the Announcements category and the latest “upgrade” was the “presentation details page” in May. “Tags” do not communicate confidence that Prezi will be the game changer that it once was. Please share this growing frustration with whoever is in charge of communication with your customers. We too are making plans for our future and we hope Prezi will remain, but right now, we just don’t know if we can trust Prezi to be as innovative as it was with Classic. What has been one of the most surprising and frustrating things is that there is NO spell-check! I do not know of a SINGLE presentation app that does not have this. If this is not a good place to express this frustration (ie backgrounds and other problems as stated on other threads) PLEASE tell us where we can voice our feedback as to the shortcomings and yes, the good things about Next.


@RobinsNest_Pro I would start another topic thread if you think it’s worth bringing up, in regards to wanting more active feedback. I’ve seen you post your frustration on a couple topics and if you/your company is so unhappy, I think you should definitely make sure you directly address each point so that you get the replies you’re requesting. I hope you get the solutions you’re looking for soon, and don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help with any tips & tricks in the meantime!


Has this issue been resolved by Prezi?

It is a MAJOR issue to have a low-res image when zooming in. It looks unprofessional. Won’t recommend Prezi for the rest of the Americas team if this is not fixed soon. Currently testing for them, but not impressed with that.

In fact it doesn’t look like it has, I’ve just tested it and it still downsize the resolution…


@Vincent_Gagnon, as it is mentioned above, Prezi Next automatically resizes images to be 1800x. The main reason for this is to make sure you don’t upload oversized images that could cause a laggy experience and to make sure that your presentation runs smoothly on every computer, regardless of its specifics, as it cannot be predicted whether the viewer would have a strong machine.


The problem is even if I have resized the image to what Prezi says and when I zoom into it to make sure it is crisp AFTER we upload our crisp photo, Prezi Next blurs it. It never happened in Classic. That is one of many more reasons why we have moved back to Classic for now. It has been EXTREMELY frustrating and disappointing. Spell check is STILL gone and you have offered NO eta as to when it will be back. The new moveable subtopic is very clinky and does not work the way that users have requested so, we are not sure what is going on with Next.


This is one of the major issues of Prezi Next. The recommendation of using PDF made by @Robin_Pierman would be nice but doesn’t seem to work for the background image, which only seems to accept PNG and JPEG. Could someone from the Prezi support team confirm that this is the case and let us know when they intend to fix this? After all, Prezi is all about zooming in and when the background image in the topics gets blurry, it looks very unprofessional.


@Vanda, are PDFs not supported for the background image? Any reason why not? Thanks.