Keyboard Shortcut to editor in Prezi Video

This might be a pretty specific use case, but I’m guessing there are other teachers out there that might benefit from the same thing. When I’m using Prezi Video while virtually teaching younger kids, I like that I can leave the editor open and search for images in real time to respond to things my students are saying! It would be awesome to:

  1. Have a keyboard shortcut for the “add visual” button so that I could pull up the search bar even more easily
  2. Maybe have a way to set the presentation so one type of visual is preferred. I like to use icons with kids because they are usually easy to see but not too distracting because they don’t move. It would great if I could quickly search just the icons.

Hi @Molly_Mattaini, thanks for sharing your idea, I’ll make sure it gets passed along to our product team. :slight_smile: