Kiosk Mode on iPad?

congratulations for prezi. it’s beautiful.

i’d love to use prezi as the engine for a museum-type installation where we have iPads integrated into the seats of a showroom. We are physically blocking the home button to keep people from dropping out of the application (with a little lid on the ipad sleeve).
But with prezi, there is always the “x” button in the corner of the screen, which will drop you back to the login screen - or is it?

because if we could remove that button, then I believe we could saely create all of our content with prezi!

Please please say that ihis is somehow possible - or that you’ll add a “kiosk mode” option in the next release!?!

Hi Max, thanks for your suggestion. I relayed it internally and changed this topic to an idea. It is easier then for us to track your feature request.

Thank you for the speedy reply. If you intend to make it into a feature. is there some way to find out when to expect that feature? (we’re on a deadline…)

No, Prezi has a policy of not announcing new features until they are ready, sorry. We are constantly working on the iPad app, but if you need a specific feature in a specific time, my honest advice would be not bet on just one horse.

I also work for a museum and would also really like a way of kiosking prezis. It would be super handy and we would happily pay specifically for the function. I will check the latest version to see if it has happened yet. It would be extremely useful to us.

Cool to see this topic bumped.

When we were investigating the issue for our project a year ago all we could do was to write our own presentation tool in Unity3D. Actually it wasn’t hard.

Nonetheless i’d still prefer if prezi had that kiosk mode - it would make authoring a lot simpler. Now admins, what do you say? still the no-announce-policy? Or did I miss the feature in the meantime?

I would also like to see this available on the desktop version. I am trying to do something similar at work with a smart board in a common area for people to view.

I think it would also be good if the screen wasn’t touched for xx seconds it would start stepping through the prezi on it’s own and continue looping.