Lag and jerky transitions as you move from one slide to another...still

I created this Prezi:
and am disappointed at the lag and stuttering that happens on certain transitions. I began to remove images (largest to smallest) to see if size was an issue. But the lag and jerkiness didn’t stop. Oh, and I also made sure all of the images were ok to use with Prezi, no issues.
So then I checked out the Explore section of the Prezi website and noticed all of the Prezi’s have this issue. It doesn’t matter if I play in my browsers (Chrome, IE, FF and Opera) or download the file, they all seemed to stutter or lag during transitions. 
I looked at the forum and noticed in the past it was suggested you use the “old” player. But that doesn’t seem to work, I no longer have that option and adding the extra code at the end has the same result. 
Any other suggestions I can try?

Hello Gina Palacios,

this sort of problem can sometimes occur if there are many large swf files in your Prezi - I have had a quick look for you and indeed most of your images are .swf files (PDF files convert to swf files as well) - I would suggest making a copy of your Prezi, and changing the format of these swf files especially the larger ones to .jpeg or .png format you should see an improvement in the overall performance I think (in my experience swf files can be very small in size as they can be scaled without loss of quality but drawing lots of them during movement (especially large ones) can slow down the transitions).

Another thing to think about is the power of the computer you are using which if a little older may struggle with larger Prezis - using a more powerful one could help with this.

Hope this helps



Well, I have a $1500 gaming computer that can run most of the current high end games. But when I am using Prezi, I am lagging like crazy. My blank presentation will freeze when I try to move it, and after 2-5 seconds, it would move. 

Hi Vera,

The same thing is happening to me. It happens on other computers too with the same Prezi. 
I need to deliver the Prezi to a client soon, do you maybe have more advice?
There are many SWF. files in the prezi though.


Hi Vera,

Here is the link:

Thanks for your assistance.


Any suggestions on this one? It only runs slowly on my newest tablet.