Lagging Videos

Last week, my Prezi was working flawlessly with embedded videos (MP4 videos that have been uploaded). Over the weekend I added on to my Prezi with more information and videos. Today, when presenting my presentation to a class, all the videos (including the videos last week) are lagging to the point where the talking/music is not matching up with the video. I have tried presenting through Airplay, Chromebox, and directly plugging my computer into the screen and the same video lagging issue is occuring. Is it possible for a Prezi to become too big with content that the video quality suffers?

Can’t answer that for sure, but just for comparison, mine are ½ GB and above… And they work at least directly from presenting mode, but not when started from editing mode…
I use a desktop version of Prezi Next on MacOS.

Hi @Geoff_Cleveland, is this a presentation on Prezi Present? If so, could you please give me the title of the presentation so I can better check on it?

Please note that in case the presentation is loaded from the internet the bandwidth of the connection could strongly influence the playback of the videos. Could you also visit and check your internet speed and latency?