Layer Control in Prezi

I’ve been reading a few ideas here regarding a way of controlling layers. I too would love to see some sort of Layer Window whereby I could hide certain layers. I have spent hours on a very small change because I needed to move the obscuring layers out of the way. Putting them back in their correct positions with associated frames and animations is extremely difficult. Anyhow, I know this idea isn’t new. I just wanted to revive the conversation in the hope that it could be an option in the near future. Otherwise, Prezi is great. Many thanks. Pro User.

Hi Geoff!

I am not sure which threads you have looked at in regards to advice about layering. Sorry for any inconvenience you experienced with layering your objects. I am really interested to know what steps you have taken and if I can advise you with some of our features which may solve your problem. 

There are two features which might be of help in this:

1. The Right-click Menu  / layering objects

2. ** Grouping content**

Can you tell me if you have tried either of these options? I include here for you a detailed explanation on how to use this two features as it might help you. 

1. The Right-click Menu  /  layering objects -  Your ability to layer objects is controlled by  right-clicking on any object in your prezi. This also allows you to access options for positioning and editing your content.

You can see here the list of functions:

The Right-click Menu (Ctrl+click on Macs with default setup):

  • Bring Forward:  bring the selected object one step forward. The object that your selected object will swap places with will fade so that you can see what effect moving your object forward will have.

  • Bring to Front:  bring the selected object to the front. All objects that the your selected object will swap places with will fade.

  • Send Backward:  send the selected object one step backward. The object that your selected object will swap places with will fade.

  • Send to Back:  send the selected object to the back of your prezi behind all other objects.   

  • Turn spell-checker off:  Disables the spell-check function.

  • Start presentation:  Enters presentation mode.

  • Cut:  the selected object will be removed and placed on to your computer’s clipboard. You can achieve the same result using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+x or Cmd+x on Macs.

  • Copy:  the selected object will be copied to your computer’s clipboard. You can achieve the same result using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+c or Cmd+c on Macs.

  • Paste:  pastes copied or cut selections from your computer’s clipboard into your prezi. You can achieve the same result using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+v or Cmd+v on Macs.

  • Delete:  Deletes the selected object. Deletion of an object in Prezi can be undone by hitting the ‘undo’ button located in the top left menu or by using the keyboard shortcut _Ctrl+z or _Cmd+z on Macs.

You can see more about this here: (Editing content)

2. ** Grouping content - **If you still find that you have many objects and that they do not need to be layered separately then you can group the content together and layer the different content together. 

Grouping content allow multiple items of content to be easily grouped together in your prezi. This allows you to select objects regardless of their position within your prezi, which is particularly useful when you want to edit the position of content that is in different frames.

To group content:

  1. Select an object you wish to add to a group, then hold down the ctrl (command on Macs) key and click on all other objects you wish to add to the group. Alternatively, you can select  all  of the content in a certain area by holding the SHIFT key and the left mouse button and then dragging around the objects you wish to group together.

  2. Release the left mouse button, and the Transformation Tool will appear. You can now size, move, and rotate the selection in any way you want.  Note : this will only temporarily group the objects together, if you click anywhere away from the selection, all the objects within it will no longer be grouped together. To permanently group the objects together, move to step 3. 

  3. Click the ‘Group’ button that appears. You will see the icon change when the objects have been successfully grouped. 

For more information please check our knowledge base here: (Grouping content)

Please let me know if you have tried these, if you have any feedback about them or if you found this information useful for you. We really appreciate your feedback!

Kind regards,


Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for the reply. Oh yes, I know all about the functions you’ve described and use the “sending” of layers backwards, forwards etc and “grouping”.

The type of presentations I’m creating are a bit different to what Prezi was originally intended for. I’m using it for astronomy presentations and the zooming feature is great for this. (Although no software will ever be able to give a true scaled representation of space). 

In an attempt to make the presentation as seamless as possible, I animate large groupings of background images after I’ve zoomed into certain objects. This action causes the images behind to be a little hard to edit because I can’t see them in edit mode. If there was a way of controlling which layers are visible, editing would be much simpler. I do indeed use the workarounds that you’ve suggested. They’re just time consuming. (But still worth it).

I understand that the developers have created this software to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. My suggestion would not be a simple one to implement so I fully understand if this feature is not planned. Prezi is an amazing application and has certainly enhanced my presentations in a big way.

Kindest regards,

Right click doesn’t work for me any more. Was the right click menu removed? I cannot move thinks in the back- or foreground anymore!