Laying out a canvas before adding content?


I get how to add content on to a Prezi template, or to import a powerpoint file and order that.

I’m a little hazy about how to layout the canvas that the information goes in.

Suppose for example I have 20 slides of powerpoint information but I want to put this information on to a Prezi template that has 9 nodes. What is the best way to edit the template canvas to create areas for portraying my information - to edit the template to have 20 nodes, or to start with a blank template and create an appropriate structure?

Also, what are the general principles for taking information and translating it to a layout on Prezi?

For example, say I have information structured with two parts:

(1) an introduction that introduces the problem and the solution with 4 sections, and

(2) the detailed solution with 12 sections and a conclusion as the last section after that.

What are the principles from moving from information structured in a certain way with relationship between the sections/topics/groupings to mapping out the canvas that this information goes on?

I can see it’s easy to put the information in once the canvas is laid out, but I’m not quite sure about the principles behind mapping this information structure to a two dimensional layout  - particularly when using a template with an existing number of locations.

I can copy and paste existing elements on the canvas to create places to put information, but is there a better way to lay things out? I am envisaging a sort of dragging and dropping of shapes and either putting an image behind it or loading the image and dragging and dropping the shape sections / containers onto it …

Any thoughts are appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I had watched tutorials etc. I was hoping for more specific human answers with perspective and insight gained from experience :slight_smile:

Perhaps some insights about what to do with a blank canvas … eg map out a layout on paper, upload an image, create containers. Or create containers and lay them out on a page and then look for a graphical metaphor / layout to tie them together …