Layouts Tabs Not Working - Prezi Classic

I am using Prezi Classic and I have been trying to access the layouts tab. However, when you press the layouts button, from the insert menu, nothing comes up. Every other section, whether it is images, favorites, YouTube, etc works.

The same issue is there with Microsoft Edge, firefox and Chrome

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Hello @Emmanuel_Asenso, we are currently having an issue with the layouts feature in Prezi Classic and our development team is working on it. As soon as we have any updates we will post it here :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback!


We are having the same issue. Layouts feature still does not work.

Hello @Reloop_Platform, could you please check the reply above? :slight_smile:

Hello. I too am having issues with Layouts as the tab is still not working - any news as to when this will be remedied? Thank you

Hello @Andrea_Chalk, we still don’t have any news regarding this feature, but as soon as there are any updates we will let you know :slight_smile:

I’m surprised this is still not fixed. It seems, perhaps, they are abandoning Prezi Classic in terms of support?
Anyone know of an alternative platform/presentation software that works like Prezi Classic? I don’t want to switch, but if this is the trend, I’ll have to look elsewhere. Prezi Next is just not workable for my needs.
Recommendations welcome!

Hi there, got some issues tying to insert the structures (pre established ones) in my presentation. When I use insert>structures nothing happens. I can still insert pictures and other symbols but seems that there’s is bug for the structures path. Can you please help me?

Hi @Yassine_Benmaamar, could you tell me if you face this issue in Prezi Next or Prezi Classic?

Hello, it was on Prezi classic!

Hi @Yassine_Benmaamar, I’ve merged your case to the relevant topic. :slight_smile:
Please check the answers above.

Ah thank you and sorry, haven’t seen it before @Bart

It is now February 13th, why is this problem not resolved?

Now 26-03-2020, still not working… Can it really be that hard to fix? @Catarina

Hello @Dennis_Rasmussen, our development team is currently working on ensuring that your Prezi Classic content and features will be available in the Prezi Next editor (due to the end of Flash in the end of the year), and this includes the Layouts feature. Please, check more details in our blog post.

As soon as this is available, we will let you know, and thank you so much for your patience :slight_smile:

Hi @Catarina and @Bart I am a professor with an education account, which means (I think) that I can only use a Prezi Classic account. Will the layout feature be fixed in the Prezi Classic account, or should I plan to move on without it?

Hi @Kelly_Figueroa-Ray, I’ve checked you account and now you have access to Prezi Next as well. :slight_smile:

Hello @Kelly_Figueroa-Ray, as I mentioned in the previous post, our development team is currently working on developing our editor so you are able to work on your Classic content, and this will include the Layouts feature :slight_smile: Meanwhile, my colleague @Bart has given you access to Prezi Next, so you are also able to start creating presentations with it.

Let us know if we can assist with anything else!

Hi @Catarina & @Bart – Thank you so much!!