Leading your own order between zoom and topics


Dear Prezi Team,
when we have a few zoom effects together with sub-topics, Prezi goes to all zoom areas first and then to sub-topics. Is there a possibility to decide to go to one zoom area first, then to subtopic and once back to a second zoom area and then to a second topic?
I haven’t find a way to do so, yet.

Thank you for kind suggestion,


@davide_luzzati If I understand correctly, you would like to present a zoom area in a topic, go to a subtopic and then back to the main topic to a second zoom area.

I’m afraid this is currently not possible as the default path is to go to the main topic, then to the subtopic(s) and then back to the overview.

I’d recommend you to use fade in+fade out animations instead of adding subtopics and once you present the details connected to a certain zoom area, you can go back to the main topic view and go on to the next zoom area.


In other words I should handle this with no sub-topics, but only with zoom and fade effects…
If this is the case, I’d like to suggest Prezi Team to consider, for the future, the possibility to arrange zoom and fade effects combined with the sub-topic vision.


I agree that this would be a great feature and will forward your suggestion to the development team, thank you.


This has been suggested as the old Classic path over 18 months ago. @Agnes, we would like to know why this situation as NOT been addressed even though it has been a requested featured need over and over again (we used different words, but it is basically the same situation). There are a large number of your customers who have been patiently waiting for a “path tool” of sorts to be part of the Next “upgrade”. Why is Prezi NOT listening? Action speak MUCH louder than words. :frowning: