Leaving the Prezi template design as the background?

Hey there,

So I selected a template with a map on it. While presenting, it zooms into the created planets/topics, and now the background changes to the selected picture or colour and it doest show the map anymore. But I wanna keep the Map as the background so it shows the details when zooming in on the planets/topics.
I can’t figure out how.
I already tried screenshotting the surface and then setting it as the Background, but that changes the resolution badly and it doesn’t look sharp.

I really would appreciate any help. Thanks

@Marcel_Mackel If you set the topics transparent (set Opacity to minimum), when you zoom into them you will see the default background.

You can also use a custom background and use transparent topics to create the illusion of zooming to different parts of the map but the content of the topics will only be revealed when you are inside them but will be hidden when you zoom out to the interview. Here is an example how it would look like:


However, if you want the whole map to be seen inside the topics as well, I can either recommend you to not use topics at all and place all your content on the overview page or use stack style topics where you can first add the map image as a background (however for this I recommend you to use and external background image as the screenshot will indeed have a low resolution).