Left panel area mouse issue

Hi Folks

Has anyone else noticed an issue with the left-hand Zoom panel area? With my mouse, I can:

  • click on a numbered zoom window

  • click on a preview button to play an animation.

However, when I try to click on an element such as an image or text to move it (within the left-hand panel) I actually end up picking up the item one or two places above what I’m clicking on.

As you can imagine, this is really annoying and slowing me down a great deal.

As the accuracy of the mouse is fine everywhere else, I’m guessing this is a bug in one of the updates. Only started happening this last week.

PC. Windows 10. Online version of Prezi.

Many thanks

Hi @Tony_Davis, could you please let me know which product are you using? Prezi Present or Prezi Video?