Let prezi add text from Excel

I’m making a Prezi for a TV screen in our company’s hall. We want the Prezi to automatic fill in certain text from an Excel-file. When we get a visitor we want the screen to show company information and t osay “Hello” to them. But we don’t want to manually add the names of the visitors. Is there a way to let Prezi do this itself?


Tomorrow (13-4-16), Mister de Boer from the Dutch company “de Boer en co.” will visit us.
Today I add the following information in the Excel file ; Name, Company and Date.
Tomorrow Prezi reads the file, sees there will be a visitor and adds the proper information in the Prezi. So the entire day (or if possible for a certain time) the TV will show the Prezi saying; “Hello Mr. de Boer (de Boer en co.”.

I agree that Prezi will compete even more with PowerPoint if it has features like this. As part of the marketing team I’m making this Prezi. But I don’t want our receptionist to work in Prezi because of the risk that she makes the wrong changes and because there are other presentations in our account as well.