Library Assets Not Available

Why is it that some library assets are unavailable in one prezi vs. another?

I’ve added content around this globe while creating a particular presentation, and I’d like to re-use in a different prezi, maybe others, so it has been added to My Library. Below shows it has been saved-

However, this is what I see in the prezi I’m now working on (and “Learn More” didn’t exactly help me figure out how to fix):

I’ve tried to cut+paste the whole slide and can’t do that either:

It’s almost like my two prezis are incompatible, but I’m not sure how that would occur. I’ll note that I’m trying to copy content from a newer prezi into an older one, but they’re both Prezi Next. Please advise how I can fix.

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, I’m forwarding this to our developers and will get back to you as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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Using Prezi Next Desktop.

In my library at the top there is a cryptic message that says “There are items in your library that cannot be displayed”. What are we supposed to do with this information and why does this message exist? When you click on “Learn More” it goes to this URL that provides no information on the meaning of this message. Moreover, why would there ever be items in the library that cannot be displayed?

Hello @JJ_JJ, I merged your question into the relevant topic. It is a known issue, and our developers are currently working to resolve it. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have more information.

I wish you a lovely weekend.

FYI in the Prezi Next desktop application my library items will vary based on the presentation I’m editing. Some editors show the fill list of library items, some show no items and other show an incomplete list with the odd and unactionable message “There are items in your library that cannot be displayed”. Definitely broken and glad your are working on a resolution.

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Still no resolution to this?

Hello @cory_broussard, a fix for this will be released soon, we’ll let you know once it’s out!