Limitations in zoom handling?


A little irritating…
If you zoom deeper and deeper into a pdf the selection box differs from the zooming area.

The first animations work as expected, highlighting in editor mode with LMB is possible.

Suddenly the selection box changes from rectangle to square and the size increases massive. To pick the zooming area you have to use SHIFT+LMB pressed.


Hi Gerald,

Sorry it has taken a while for us to reply to your report here. I had a look and I was able to reproduce the issue you described. It looks like a problem with how we handle deep zoom areas when the distance from the overview gets too large. It is something we will try to improve. In the meantime, to give yourself more steps to zoom in before you encounter this issue, you can try decreasing the distance between one zoom area and another (ie: have each one zoom a smaller %).

Thanks for taking the time to share this.