Limiting how big the zoom area is

I’m brand-new to Prezi. I love a lot of what is possible. But I’ve been trying to limit how large of an area over my presenter’s video that a slide (right word?) can cover, so the presenter’s face does not get covered at any point.

I read about “Editing the zoom area,” but (1) I could not do the steps as specified – the procedure literally did not work, and (2) I’m not 100% sure this is the procedure I need.

The key is whether I can make sure that with objects moving and zooming, the presenter’s face remains in view always. Is that possible? Thanks for any help.

Hi @Orson_Kellogg, welcome to our forums!

Could you please link me the resource you have used to see more about the Zoom are editing?

We do have templates in the Quick Create option, where the content is moving from right to left or from top to bottom which could help achieve what you’ve described.

Other than that editing your whole content in Prezi Present would need a more careful layout of the elements, that’s where editing the Zoom area could come in.

I did not get this to work yesterday. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or I need to clear my browser cache…?


Hi @Orson_Kellogg, could you please specify what do you mean by did not get this to work? What happened when you try?

Can you send me the URL of the presentation so I can investigate it a bit further?

If you are using the Prezi Present editor, you can turn on your camera with the “Create Video” button so you can arrange your content while you see yourself in the background.

Here’s one URL:

I am thinking now that I may simply not understand how to get what I want, and that I’ve been trying the wrong procedures. What I want is to keep any part of a Prezi presentation from overlapping the video of the presenter’s face – therefore I want to limit the positioning of any objects within the template to only the right side of the screen. Maybe this is not possible? If it’s not possible with an existing template, can I create a modified version of a template that DOES include the positioning limitations that I want?

Hi @Orson_Kellogg, the template you have sent to me is a template designed for a presentation and not for video recording. This only means that you would need to edit and tailor the template to have the effect you have described.

For your needs, I would recommend you to create a new template with a blank presentation. I would advise you to add only “Zoom Areas” where you can add your content to the right side of the zoom area.

If you get used to Prezi Present, you could also try to edit existing templates to your needs.
I would advise you to check out this page where you can find training regarding our presentation toolkit. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

Bart, thank you. I’ll spend more time in the doc, and try creating a new template as well.